Upcoming Gigs

Upcoming Gigs

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Merch Will Fill That Horrible Emptiness

We have been aware for some time now that there is an element of the population who have a desperate need to wear not just any clothing, but specifically Wrongtown related merch. In an attempt to make it easier for you to acquire things to cover your nakedness and abate your shame, we've got a handy-dandy list here of what's available below.

The shirts and hoodies are all provided by American Apparel, which anyone who has shopped at Threadless would be familiar with, so you know these aren't cheap, scratchy shirts.

If you just want to see the latest selection available on Redbubble, click here.

Pay What You Want for The Cult Of Addiction EP!

Get some of this in ya. Seriously. It's yours for anything from $0.00 upwards, can't argue with that!

We're A Band. You'd Like Us - Digital Download

We've made immediate digital download of our new CD in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire available online at BandCamp as a Pay What You Can download. Presently the only way to get hold of the real thing in all of it's sexy splendour is to track down a member of Wrongtown, and of course the easiest way to do that is to come to our gigs!

Deciding to provide digital downloads on a Pay What You Can basis makes sense to us, as it allows our fans who can afford it to pay what they think is fair so we can work towards more polished releases in the future. On the flip side, it still allows those who don't have spare cash right now to legitimately obtain examples of our work. Of course we're all for reaching new people as well, so if you haven't already we'd love you to "Like" us on Facebook, or just tell your friends!