Links From June 2011

When Snails Attack Science. Wrong. Video.

I'll admit, in my ignorance I was skeptical, I thought they might be kidding when they said "When the attack comes, it is sudden, ruthless and fatal." Turns out they weren't kidding.

I'll be honest, this video is here because I'm pretty sure I can think of a few people who I know read this who'll be freaked out by this video.


Girls Watch Porn Too Funny. Cute. Wrong. Video.

I love this PSA on Girls Watching Porn. It raises good points, it spoofs the stereotypical PSA style beautifully, and it has cute girls saying they love porn, what's not to love?


Christian Casual Encounters Funny. Wrong. Religion. Video.

You're single, you're christian, and you're looking for a no-strings attached hookup right now. Find Gods hookup for you at!

I did not know until today that some Christians strongly object to using dating sites which are owned by secular companies. Because, and I quote: "many which operate other dating sites catering to fornicators, adulterers, g-a-y-s and l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s? I'm sad to say it's true, and I'm sick and tired of seeing these companies exploit Christians for money!".

How true, it's important that Christian organisations are allowed to maintain a monopoly on exploiting Christians for money!


If You Open Your Mind Too Much... Funny. Science. Geeky. Religion. Video.

Just in case you're not already aware of the rewards that Mr Minchin is offering for evidence of certain phenomena, he laid it all out quite clearly during his "So Live" tour. One suspects that he is not so quietly confident that these conditions will not be met.


Chronic Bitchface Funny. Cute.

Do you know someone who suffers from Chronic Bitchface? A terrible affliction, women with Chronic Bitchface are constantly approached by well meaning strangers who entreat them to "smile" or "cheer up", regardless of how happy they are.

Though there is no known cure, there is always hope that one will be found. Go buy a print from the artist, funds will not be donated to further research into the condition, but she might crack a smile.


America's Got Talent Gets Trolled Hard Funny. Wrong. Video.

I've been meaning to add this for a few days now but every time I do it robs me of my will to live. I keep trying to understand, and I'm pretty confident that's not the way to approach this thing.


Inochi - You Are Alive! Funny. Wrong. Video.

So this strikes me as a little bit "Astro Boy Hits Puberty"... First our robot protagonist meets a girl and has sexy dreamtime about her, then she shows kindness to him by drinking his milk (apparently he's lactose intolerant?). Later he takes an opportunity to watch her getting changed.

It's the classic story of robot meets girl, robot gets the horn for girl, robot stalks girl...


Game Of Thrones - The Buddy Movie Funny. Geeky. Wrong. Video.

Need a bit of humour after all that serious, brooding Game Of Thrones business? Well here we have a we have a bit of Buddy Movie fun, "One And A Half Man".

Oh those zany mismatched guys, who knows if they'll get along with each other! Maybe they'll learn something along the way? It's just crazy enough it might work! Imagine if they became firm friends, how weird would that be!? Oh the laughs we will have...

Thanks to Mike for this one.


Sgt. Pepper Movie From 1978 Wrong. Old-school. Time-thief. Video.

What is this I don't even... Why? I think one of these days I'm going to have to get very drunk and watch this all the way through. So very, very drunk. There are at least 10 parts on youtube, I think I'm going to need a lot of booze.


Printer Problems Funny. Wrong. Old-school. Video.

Man I'm not sure how long this video has been banging around but I want to know what this guy is doing with himself now. Such anger! Such passion!


Everything Is A Remix Geeky. Time-thief. Video. I found this at Boing Boing.

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

So this is just part one, there are another two ready for you to watch. Interesting stuff on the idea that there is nothing new under the sun, and how that doesn't necessarily mean we should be derisive of new material just because it derives inspiration from old material.


Animals Being Dicks Funny. Cute. Wrong. Time-thief.

There's not a whole lot to it right now, but I hope they keep the collection going over at They've got gif animations of some of the old favourite videos, like the dog who steals a toboggan, and the horse who tries to use an excercise ball and fails, but for my money the ninja-squirrel is probably the best.

There is of course some awful stuff in there, like a baby elephant who annoys a bull and gets booted.


The Mighty Pentatonic Scale Funny. Science. Cute. Wrong. Video.

This video shows Bobby McFerrin at the 2009 World Science Festival demonstrating the Pentatonic Scale in a wonderfully engaging way. For those of you who might think the name sounds familiar, he's best known as the guy who wrote Don't Worry Be Happy.


Chinese Man Goes To Work Dressed As Iron Man (MK I) Funny. Geeky. Video.

So this guy Wang XiaoKang decided he liked the Iron Man movie so much that he built a replica, upsetting security at his work when he decided to show it off according to I know at least one geek who will be jealous as hell.


Go The Fuck To Sleep Funny. Cute. Wrong. Video.

Sorry to link something cute again so soon, but this has to be shared.

Some of you might remember me posting about this book back in April. Well it just got that little bit more awesome, now there's a free recording narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.



Literally Unbelievable - Making You Feel Smarter Funny. Wrong. Time-thief.

Have you ever seen someone on Facebook respond to an obviously satirical internet site as if it's the real deal? Do you enjoy the shadenfreude you feel when that happens?

Well over at Literally Unbelievable they collect screenshots of such reposts and comments, guaranteed to lower your estimation of your fellow human-beings.


Lioness Wants To Eat Baby So Bad Cute. Wrong. Video.

It's funny, the difference between an adorable video that goes all around the world making people saw "Nawwwwwww!" and a tragic news story which has people everywhere asking what the hell those parents were thinking sometimes depends only on the strength of the plexi-glass.

Okay so she doesn't actually look to be particularly aggressive, but damn I'm glad that's a strong enclosure.


Crazy-Fast Robot Hand Science. Geeky. Video.

This is just pure nerd, but you've got tot be impressed by the dexterity on display. Especially when it comes to something like catching a mobile phone. I kinda want to see how these things go when given some music lessons, I imagine we could see one hell of a guitar solo.


Super Goblin War Machine Will Eat Your Day- For Free Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Time-thief. I found this at Boing Boing.

So Big Block Games have remade one of their flash games (Goblin War Machine) as Super Goblin War Machine. You play the Dark Lord controlling a team of goblins riding in a souped up destruction-dealing machine... it starts out like a massive wagon but as you upgrade it the effect is more like a tank.

There's some additional content, and if you're willing to pay US$4.99 you can unlock the expansion material which has ridiculous weapons like the "Building Thrower" which hurls houses at your enemies.

I've got a better idea though, if you go and register a free account using the link above, then once you're playing click here you will unlock all the paid stuff for free, courtesy of a promotion they're doing for


Masturbation Is Awkward Wrong. Old-school. Video.

Well gee, this is... this is pretty much exactly the way I remember it, it's uncanny the way they captured the look on the face of my dear sweet mother...

Okay seriously what the hell? This is impressively weird. I like it.

Just in case you want to see where it came from, the original is here.


Dickhead Commissions Billboard To Accuse Ex-Girlfriend Of Abortion Wrong. Religion.

More on why the First Amendment of the American constitution is awesome.

When 35 year old Greg Fultz found out that his 18 year old girlfriend was pregnant and wanted to get married, he refused. Later on he found out she was no longer pregnant and so of course took the only logical course of action, he commissioned a billboard calling her a babykiller.

A judge has ruled that the billboard needs to come down, agreeing that it is harassment and an invasion of privacy, however Fultz is apparently fighting to keep it up, willing to face prison if necessary. He had the support of New Mexico's Right to Life Committee at first, but they received information that the girl had a miscarriage, not an abortion, and have withdrawn their support.

For extra "I Never Grew Up" points, check out this collection of his tweets.


Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott cover Friday by Rebecca Black Funny. Wrong. Video.

Happy Friday everyone! Who knew that our politicians were so musically talented? I certainly didn't. I'm not sure what the family guy clip is doing there though, almost makes a joke of the whole thing...


Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll Funny. Cute. Video.

After that last post I feel kinda dirty, and not in a good way. I figure you might too, so here's a couple of cute clips I've been saving for such an occasion.

First this little kid gives a motivational speech to other kids who might be learning to ride a bike and are tempted to give up hope.

Then we have these two apparently sharing their first kiss. How stoked is the little dude?!


Dad Shopping Daughters Face Onto Porn Squicky, But Legal Wrong. Wrong.

In San Francisco a judge has ruled that though it might be "morally repugnant" that a man might photoshop the head of his 13 year old daughter onto pictures of women in graphic poses, it's legal. So that means that if I lived in America I wouldn't have to keep all the pictures I've made with Leo's head on... well let's just say I wouldn't have to keep them a secret.


Teens Are Having Fuck Funny. Video.

This is just a short one, but her excellent soldiering on as if nothing happened deserves to be recognised. Recognise her people! She is a WARRIOR!

RayWJ cheered me up momentarily from a shitty day with this one.


School Provided Laptop Which Took > 8,000 Sneaky Pics Geeky. Wrong. I found this at Boing Boing.

Some of you might remember me linking to details of a school providing laptops that had spyware in them set up to secretly take photos of their students. Well there's a bit of an update here, with one student finding 4,404 webcam shots and 3,978 screenshots on his school-issued MacBook.



Now THAT Is A Low-Flying Aircraft Geeky. Video.

When I got this link to a low flying jet and clicked the link my thought process went something like this:

"Oh yeah, this'll be interesting, what is he going to be like 50m up? They all seem pretty cheerful... Did he just drop below the treeline? HOLY SHIT!"

You can see it from a slightly different angle here


The Life Zone Wrong. Wrong. Religion. Religion. Video.


I'm really not concerned about spoiling this one for you; it would appear that the three women involved haven't been kidnapped, but rather that they are in Purgatory, given the chance to rescind their decision to have abortions, but they don't know it. If they change their minds they will float up to heaven on a rainbow with their beautiful bundles of jesus, if they don't they will forever be doomed to give birth over and over again.

Oh yes, the doctor who is delivering their babies is stuck there because she too is an awful sinner who committed suicide after her marriage broke down due to her career-focused lifestyle forever ruining her body as an incubator. Extra crazy-points for Staci being so desperate to murder her babies even in the third trimester that she tries to induce a miscarriage...


Costumed Dad Waves At Sons Schoolbus Every Day For One Year Funny. Cute. Time-thief.

Dads can be embarrassing when you're in highschool.

When he found out that the school bus his son was taking had changed route to go right past their home, Dale Price decided to stand out the front and wave. The next day he got a little creative with a San Diego Chargers helmet and jersey... then it kind of got out of hand...

Every single school day, (if you count the day he used a Lord Of The Rings life-size cardboard character cutout) he was out there in a different costume. I'm glad to hear the kid has a sense of humour!


Firefrog! Funny. Geeky. Cute. Old-school.

I first caught wind of James Hance this morning when Nathan Fillion tweeted a pic of his "Firefrog" cast, mashing up The Muppets and Firefly. Since then I've had a little time to look at more and there is so much cute retro-geekery to be enjoyed, and some of it is available for purchase on Redbubble!

The "You Had Me At Allo" and "Meep To The Future" tees are particularly awesome if you ask me.

There does seem to be something he treasures more than his artistic talents though, a sick six year old girl who could use a little help. So if you like his stuff, spread it around, and consider donating if you can afford it, or buy one of the original artworks he's selling to try to cover her expenses. He's also available for private commissions with all proceeds going to Maddy.


Rick Roll: Oregon Funny. Video.

Maybe it's just my feverish mind, but I think this is just great. It's all the better that politicians from boths sides of the house were involved, rather than this just being one group pranking the other.

Thanks to Miss Flea for this one!


Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure Cute.

Time for something cute again it would seem...

Cassie Creighton is a 5 year old who happens to have the good fortune of being the daughter of one of the founders of Untold Entertainment. She designed Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, drawing all of the graphics herself, creating voiceovers and background music with the help of her 2 year old sister, and then her dad turned it into a game.


Poes Law Strikes Again Funny. Wrong. Religion. Video.

This week in Brisbane, advertising company AdShel removed some Safe Sex ads depicting a homosexual couple from bus shelters after a concerted campaign by the Australian Christian Lobby. This video uses quotes from the complaints themselves and also from comments on articles covering the issue to good effect.


Baby Bullet OF DOOM Funny. Wrong. Time-thief. Video.

Yeah I know simply slowing things down is a pretty cheap way to make things freaky, we've seen that before with P-I-Z-Z-A, but damn it's also effective. I'm a little scared of drunken demon grandma, and she's not even operating the crazy possessed machine.

I'm glad they went a little further, it's informative to know just how they turn the children into inanimate capsules.


Pop Culture Overload Funny. Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Old-school. Video.

MC Hammer Vader Busts a Move - Watch more Funny Videos

Wow... yup... totally legitimate use of the franchise... What sort of mind-bending flights of fantasy are these people on that they decide the obvious choice is to have Lord Vader do the Hammerdance.

Thanks to Sara for this one!

No, seriously, clicky the link and check out her gallery, it is vitally important that you see Altair: Eagle Strike before you die.


Music Video Shows Epic Kids Gun Battles Funny. Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Video.

Man it really looks like these kids had an absolute blast while shooting this music video; I bet they're even happier now that all of the effects have been added.

I guess I'd forgotten just how gory an imagination kids have when they're play-fighting, but this video brought it all flooding back in a crimson tide.


Gamarjobat Physical Comedy Duo Funny. Cute. Wrong. Video.

We've probably all seen acts like Gamarjobat before, but these guys strike me as having that little something extra. I love it when an act like this fakes incompetence in a really competent way, especially when it involves onanism.

Thanks Cass!


Nothing Like Starting Early Funny. Cute. Wrong. Video.

Well it'd appear this kid already knows what he wants to do when he grows up! He has a shot at Burlesque, then gives us his best impression of a Pop Princess and a Club Diva.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, it'd appear he's having a good time but it feels just a little bit exploitative...


Dinosaur Battle Town Geeky. Cute. Video.

I love the premise that Eddie West started with for this animation, it's ridiculous but totally credible for your average 5 year old. It probably doesn't hurt that it's cute as hell either.


Eugene Mirman Unleashes His Wrath On Time Warner Funny.

I love the absurdity of Eugene Mirman taking out full-page advertisements in New York papers to run his letter of complaint after Time Warner repeatedly screwed up his appointment to work on his cable. In a pretty rare occurance Time Warner's Corporate Blog did a pretty good job of damage control.

By the way, while you're on his site, check out The Marvelous Crooning Child, well worth it.


Text Of The Day Funny. Wrong.

Yes. Yes they are.

Except for the choking you bit, that's totally normal.

Ouch! Seems Somehow Fitting Though... Wrong.

I couldn't resist telling you all about a 40 year old Bangladeshi woman who cut off the penis of an (alleged) attempted rapist.

Apparently he'd been after her for a while, and when he decided not to take no for an answer she cut it off with a knife, wrapped it in polythene and took it to the local police station to be used as evidence. Clearly this woman is not to be trifled with, what the hell was he thinking?


Awesome People Hanging Out Together Geeky. Cute. Old-school. Time-thief.

Every now and then you find a Tumblr which has a theme which just keeps giving. I'm pretty happy to say this is one of them, some great old pictures surfacing.

I have to admit a few of these I'm saying "Ooooh yeah! That's what the guy looks like!"


Otter Boy Cute. Video.

I guess I have to make up for adult-sized babies cavorting in the park, so here's a cute video of a kid racing an otter. I guess when you're caged you take your kicks where you can find them, and if that means showing a 4 year old that he can't out-smart you then so be it.


Oh I Want Me One Of These Cute. Wrong. Wrong. Video.

Well ain't he just the cutest freakiest baby you ever done seen in your whole life? I really wonder what visibility is like, but I think I want one pretty much regardless. Sure there wouldn't be many uses, but damn what an effect.