Links From January 2012

Where The Wild Things Are Walken Funny. Cute. Wrong. Old-school. Time-thief. Video.

I don't think anyone would be terribly surprised if I was to suggest that perhaps Christopher Walken were to narrate all of the children's books ever. Of course, the effect would diminish over time, so maybe it's for the best that such things are limited, lest we lose the magic of this experience.



Jaws As A Disney Movie Funny. Wrong. Old-school. Video.

The heartwarming tale of a man, a shark, and their song. Oh I like this... Yes I do. Much like those remixed trailers for Mary Poppins, West Side Story and The Shining that we've all seen, this edited footage from Jaws tells quite a different story to that we're used to.


Bird Joins Band On Stage Cute. Time-thief. Video. You've already seen this on Reddit.

This is pretty cute, the video should start at the 1m20s mark and about 5 seconds after that it starts to get interesting. I love that the little fella is singing away up there too.


Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut Funny. Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Time-thief. Video.

What you see here is a the result of a crowd-sourced footage project, where various fans have re-created short snippets of certain scenes, resulting in the creation of a feature-length homage to the original film. It's an interesting effect, in some ways it brings new life into those scenes you've seen over and over as you examine each new approximation of a character.


Trippy Underwater "Fishing" Video Time-thief. Video.

This is pretty cool, for a few moments I was thinking "Yeah cool, show us the ice" but then I realized what I was watching. I can only imagine it felt pretty odd, but I can't fault the execution. Crazy Finns with their bucket and wheelbarrows and their inverted ice-fishing.


Goths Up Trees Funny. Time-thief.

Such a simple concept, executed beautifully. How has the world survived before now without a Goths Up Trees tumblr? Truly a valuable resource, no longer will I have to rely on my own google-fu to source awkward pictures of moody looking people draped over tree branches.

Okay so I may be over-tired, but this tickled me. Thanks to Gem for this one.


A Song About False Eyelashes - Of Course... Cute. Wrong. Time-thief. Video.

Man I love baffling stuff like this. It would appear that this is a song all about putting on false eyelashes. So of course there are dancing lions... and eyelashes on her chest... and... just enjoy.


Magician Vs Chimp Funny. Cute. Old-school. Time-thief. Video.

Okay this one has been around for years but I don't think I've ever shared it before. Besides which, who doesn't like watching a magician confuse the hell out of an adorable chimpanzee?

Screw it, I'm putting it up.


Single Player Baseball - IN SPACE! Funny. Science. Geeky. Wrong. Video.

This is pretty cute, I guess if you're in zero-g carrying out all sorts of important experiments then you find ways to entertain yourself. Even if it does have a strong tinge of Forever Alone to it.


Ground Squirrel Ballet Funny. Cute. Wrong. Video.

For those who exerted themselves below, here's something a little more relaxing to usher in the new year. It's like Dancing Bears Lite.


Three Slices - Burn Up Some 2012 Time-thief.

So if I was to make a wild guess, I'd say that many of you are probably suffering from some poor decisions made within the last 24 hours. Take your mind off it with 3 Slices, a web-based game where all you need to do is slice up shapes so that enough of the red section falls out of the bottom of the play area.

Getting to the next level is easy, but just as soon as you decide to start hitting the Gold Medal targets, or playing through 2 slice mode it gets a little more interesting.