Links from June 2010

Below you'll find a selection of some of the fucked up, geeky, or just plain interesting things that I have come across via the interwebs.

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Strongman & Assistant This post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Gasp in awe as this Strongman struts his stuff! Honestly this is just a bit weird... kinda like a trainwreck though, hard to look away...

4 Ways Police Officers Ask for Bad Press This post may be wrong.

When a guy got concerned that his meemaw hadn't taken her medication, he called emergency services. However instead of getting someone of a medical bent, he got police. I'll let you click on through to find out Hint: They didn't have crumpets and things escalated from there.

Why Bullshit! Hasn't Touched Islam

Check out this short interview with Penn Jillette, touching on what it's like to be a celeb in Vegas, and why they haven't run a show on Islam.

Playing 25 Years of Mario In A Row This post may be geeky.

These guys are planning on playing as much of the Super Mario series as possible before they run out of donations (and sanity). It all goes to the Childs Play charity. That's a lot of Mario.

I'm a Mac, I'm a PC, I'm an Archive Binge... This post may be funny.This post might occupy a lot of your time.This post may be geeky.

As indicated above, an Archive Binge may be in order if this comic makes you laugh...

Wait WHAT? Christians Got Something Wrong? NO WAY!? This post may be funny.

Theologian Gunnar Samuelsson argues that Jesus may not have died on a cross. Christians pretend it doesn't make them look like tools wearing crosses if they are just co-opted pagan symbols. Hilarity ensues.

Science Nerds Get Pranked But Good This post may be geeky.

So their teacher got them to spend 6 months planning a hypothetical mission to fly in a DC-8 and record the re-entry and breaking up of the asteroid sampling Hayabusa craft... then breaks the news: They really got to do it. Cute nerdgasms.

Nostalgia Girl Reviews Bowies Bulge in Labyrinth This post may be geeky.

WARNING: If you choose to watch this video, Prepare yourself for almost 15 minutes of Not literally...

That would be awesome though,
if anyone has a video of that
please send it in.
geek girl drooling over his package

Steve Martin Tour Rider "Leaked" This post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

Go to to see what is honestly one of the best Riders I have seen in a while...

Ok Go Drummer has Staring Competition with Animal This post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

Two drummers face-off in this epic staring competition... 'nuff said.

World Piercing Record Attempt This post may be wrong.

This guy in Sacramento, USA is looking to break the World Record for piercings, by having 2,000 needles stuck into him to fundraise for a a local hospital for children.

Your Favourite Dinosaur Sucks This post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

Dan Telfer tells you why your favourite dinosaur sucks at the Beat Kitchen, Chicago. He raises some excellent points.

Privates - Indie Game Gets Invasive This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.This post may be geeky.

So Zombie Cow Studios have been commissioned to make a game based on little soldiers with condoms for hats running around in and around people's bodies killing STDs. Who said edu-tainment couldn't be fun?


Seventh Graders On Scientists This post may be geeky.

So this one is akin to the three-legged dog saving a baby story at the end of the newscast... They got a bunch of Seventh Graders to describe and draw scientists, then took them to visit some and got them to do it again. The chance in perception is interesting, but mostly it's just cute watching them get excited about the idea of doing it themselves.

Watch This - It'll Change Your Life This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

A not-so-innocent schoolgirl visits Bang Bang Brake Jobs, but it doesn't seem to go quite the way she expected...


Mickey Mouse - Drug Pusher This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

To be fair I think Disney movies probably sold a whole load more drugs than this little pamphlet ever did, but it's still pretty awful.

Supernatural? You're kidding me right?

I invite you to read the article first... just click the link here and it'll pop up in a fresh tab/window, I'll wait here...

Done? See any problems with that? Allow me to highlight a couple of choice quotes from the genealogist...

""Tracing Pattinson's family back to I think it's worth noting that Vlad the Impaler is NOT Dracula,
but the inspiration for the fictional character.
This is acknowledged at the very beginning of the article but
apparently promptly forgotten in favour of quoting
hayseed-friendly soundbyte sized statements from Ms Tyler
was difficult research, but the pieces that unravelled created the perfect accompaniment to The Twilight Saga," said genealogist Anastasia Tyler.

"Without any myth or magic, we find Isn't Edward Cullen just a vampire pleb?
So how is royalty relevant?
and ...
Wait shit is she really speaking about vampires in his past
as if they were real things?

She is! What the fuck?
lurking in Pattinson's life - making his story Okay so THIS is the big ticket item...
If she honestly thinks this statement
is reasonable and stands up to scrutiny
I would not be at all surprised
to see her buying space in a 2012 bunker soon,
while she sobs that all the unicorns will die.
just as supernatural
as the one he is playing on screen," Ms Tyler said."

Honestly people, I mean I can almost accept that it's in her best interests to romanticise the hell out of The dead people who bumped uglies to create more dead people etc etc
ending with you and maybe a few generations before you who aren't dead yet...
finding out about your ancestors
but surely she could do that without making herself look like a credulous simpleton?

Super Mario Violin Accompaniment This post may be geeky.

What do super-rich retro-gaming obsessed geeks do when they get bored? Pay a violinist to provide the soundtrack to their Super Mario Bros. game? Well no, don't be ridiculous... Okay so maybe now that I've said it I like the sound of it... just watch the video...



The Adventures Of God This post may be funny.

Noah: Couldn’t you just teach man goodness?

God: No. I’m thinking “flood”.

Noah: So you’d rather just kill every-

God: What part of “flood” do you not understand?

Operation: Bullshit Plug This post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

The guys at Terror Bull Games clearly subscribe to the philosophy "When life gives you an ecological disaster make a satirical game based on it". You can find their efforts here.



Prepare to Waste Some Time This post may be geeky.This post might occupy a lot of your time.This post may be funny.

This is definitely addictive, Hitler, that's who.who doesn't like firing limp mimes out of a cannon to jaunty music?

Flojuggler This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

It helps you track the periods of the women in your life. Not kidding.

Buttload o' Goodies This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

Using the tried and true method of Technical term.Stuffin' The Butt, this guy managed to import a lighter, rolling papers, a pipe, tattoo ink etc (amongst other things, click through for the full list) into a jail.

Good Old Fashion Fakin' Bein' Straight This post may be wrong.

Here we have a story about the gay children of pushy parents faking a straight marriage in order to make the oldies happy. Craptacular.

Giant Burninated Jesus This post may be funny.

Look at him. Just look at him. Warms the cockles of my heart.


Devil In The Oil Spill This post may be funny.

Look, he's pretty! From


Break Out The Gas Masks This post may be funny.

I may or may not have read this entire strip up until now while wearing a Israeli gas mask, it made me happy.


Very Odd, Kind Of Sad

Tetsuya Ishida died in 2005 but as is so often the case with artists, people are still appreciating his work. If you equate feeling pretty damn creeped out with appreciating that is. Interesting stuff.


Because Our God is Just That Stupid This post may be funny.

Yet again, it appears that Religious Law is meant to be subverted by loopholes. Islamic clerics have suggested that in order to get around those inconvenient little rules about women not being allowed to be in the company of men not from their family, that they should breastfeed men they have to spend time with, and that makes it all better. No really. I'm not making this up. That's the great thing about making fun of religions, they do all the heavy lifting for you!

Jesus Causes Car Accident This post may be funny.

So apparently a naked guy was running around claiming to be Jesus, and the disturbance caused a pretty nasty car accident. Car accidents are bad, but crazy people pretending to be other crazy people is rather amusing...

Now THAT Would Look Good On My Shelf This post may be wrong.

What do you get the man who has everything? Shrunken animal head! Of course it's so obvious now! Might set you back a bit though...

Daily Dead Counter from BP Spill This post may be wrong.

Feeling a little down?This'll perk you right up! Tracks the daily death toll from the BP oil spill. No commentary, just the numbers.

So Pretty This post may be wrong.

I'm pretty sure this isn't a self-portrait, recently uncovered from some bunker somewhere... but overall I think it's an Then again, I think everything goes better with boobs. Add boobs to a car? Improvement.improvement.


It Burns! This post may be wrong.

What the fuck is this!? Won't someone think of the children!?

Okay show of hands, who's Fapping away shamefully aren't you, you sick fuckers!turned on?

For those of you who don't know, it's based on this fella here. Folks say he's adorable.

Homeopathic Emergency Room This post may be funny.

Imagine if those close-minded people in charge of the hospitals lost their fucking mindsfinally let alternative medicine play a starring role in our Emergency Wards? That Mitchell & Webb Look show us what we might expect to see in this funny piss-takethrilling dramatisation.



Don't Watch ThisThis post may be wrong.

Okay so maybe it's just that this is not my cup of tea. That said, I'm pretty sure there are a fair amount of you out there who will regret clicking the link. Hopefully you sit through it though. Like I did. Unable even to fap. Not even a little bit.

Okay maybe a little bit but just to see if I could.

I Can't Believe I Didn't Link This EarlierThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

There's just something very special about the private time that a girl turtle and a boy turtle spend together... and the noises they make...


Fun with Cthulhu!This post may be funny.

Pretty sure HP Lovecraft would be spinning in his grave, I would love to see this in daytime programming, or this at night. Aaah the marketing opportunities. Always remember, Ceiling Cthulhu Is Watching You Masturbate.


Rats Get Horny For Cat Pee, Cats Eat Rats

Linking to another article, just because they have so much gold! Here we have the fantastic Robert Sopalsky talking about Free Will, illusions thereof, and what parasites can do to change our behaviour. Check it out.


Aaaah Religious Hatred, There Just Ain't Nothin' Like It

So he calls a candidate a "fucking raghead"... then he starts carrying on about some sort of conspiracy to overthrow Carolina's God-Fearing Culture.

Christians; the other white meat.

We Con The World

So Israel is under pretty heavy international pressure over the whole, "soldiers boarding a boat in international waters as part of a blockade of Gaza that's illegal under internatioal law" thing. So what do these geniuses do? They make a parody video! Check the link for a article. Oh but wait, I'm probably being fooled into thinking their actions are reprehensible by some sort of shadowy media-controlling anti-semite elite right?

Almost Makes Me Glad I Can't DrawThis post may be wrong.

I have to admit, I take a look at this work by Korintic at DeviantArt and it almost makes me glad I can't externalise some of the crazy quite so efficiently as he can. Maybe Ghost Rider on a Shark, Birdy, or this Curious Specimen is more your speed? He also likes to try his hand at depicting Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!Cthulu, here, here and here for starters.


Violent Fridays This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

Check out the art of this guy Peter Yong, I hope he keeps the Violent Picture Friday thing running for a very He's showing no signs of slowing down yet...long time to come.



Ask Raptor Jesus This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

It all makes perfect sense.



Island Of The Dolls, Not Creepy At All This post may be wrong.

So this guy decides to live as a recluse away from everyone else, and hangs creepy dolls everywhere to discourage visitors. Fantastic!


Take a Closer Look This post may be funny.

Some great pics here inviting you to take a closer look... yes I know Toad isn't supposed to be flipping the bird, but that's Unless you're some sort of shut-in obsessive Hittomori freak who is going to get all weirded out... But there's no comments system yet so you'll just have to send me abusive email I guess.half the fun isn't it?


Neon Light Fights This post may be wrong.

Aaaah gotta love those crazy Japanese. Apparently there's a "sport" now that involves beating on each other with neon lights. Ooops apparently I spelt AWFUL wrong again...Awesome. There's more here.


So I Laughed

I'm thinking I need to Disclaimer: Not a Serious a new car just so I can experience this for a 1/10th of a kilometer.


Chicken Drumstick Man FTW

So what would you do I'd probably spend all of my time trying to figure out a way to masturbate...if you had no arms and no legs? Inspirational stand up for kiddies? Apparently it works.



Time Is A Concept

And this is probably the coolest clock I've seen Just barely beats out the cuckoo clock where every hour Phil Collins pops out and tidies up his Nazi Gold... but only because that one doesn't technically exist far...



Kinda Creepy Actually

Imagine you're walking along looking down or off to the side and look back and suddenly see this where nothing was before.


Nawwwwwww This post may be geeky.

So parents dressed their baby up as Link from the Legend of Zelda games and took a picture. I gotta say that's pretty cute. What? I'm allowed to think things are cute. Go fuck yourself.