Links from August 2010

Below you'll find a selection of some of the fucked up, geeky, or just plain interesting things that I have come across via the interwebs.

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Cannibal: The RestaurantThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

You've seen Cannibal! The Musical, now try it yourself in Berlin!

Okay so I suspect that this restaurant may just Urban Legend, however it's certainly wrong enough for me to post here, especially taking into account that it was in Berlin that a guy volunteered himself to be eaten by another back in 2001.

Bon appétit.

Tennis Skirts Are Gangsta NowThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

Now I dig the Ben Folds cover of Bitches Ain't Shit and everything, but there's something just a little more beautifully jarring about this arrangement here. Apparently these girls pop glocks around Columbia University...

Instructional Videos FTWThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

I'm not sure just how useful this instructional video will be for the average Wrongtown Reader, but if it helps even one of you to get a lecture hall of students impersonating Chewbacca it will have all been well worth it.

Okay so it just kind of tickled me at the time, c'mon they can't all be golden links of joy! Surely the corsetted cutie wielding a steampunk stimulator earns me some slack?


Lady Clankington's Carnal CuriositiesThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

I just... I don't know quite how to start here... I love steampunk... it's great, really it is... wonderful basis for some really imaginitive storytelling... but I hadn't really considered fully just how awesome a cute girl wearing a pith helmet and brandishing her own brand of steampunk sex toys could be.

Until now. Now I am very much aware of it...


The Future Is NowThis post may be funny.This post may be funny.

Okay so I'm pretty sure most of us wanted these when we first saw them in Back To The Future II. Unfortunately the pragmatic people who produced shoes knew that it was a waste of time, with existing Velcro technology being almost as easy at a fraction of the cost; the only inconvenience being you had to actually reach down and pull the tab tight...

Apparently Nike changed their mind.

Does that mean I don't wholly endorse this brave new world? The hell I don't! I wanna get me some McFly Hyperdunks!

Take Care When Naming Children, Pets & WebsitesThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

I've been saying I'm too busy to update this page of late, but then I realised that there are some things that you are never too busy to share...

As I said in the title, you have to give some consideration to making lasting decisions around naming things... Apparently the fine folks at Ferreth And Jobs didn't do this when their Web Designer (?) suggested as a domain name.

I imagine this site will be down soon, so if you'd like to see the site as it stands today and the unfortunately appropriate motto of the firm, click here.

Tron-Sutra - Good Old Fashioned InspirationThis post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Tron makes me happy. I remember before even seeing Tron as a kid I managed to get hold of some sort of concept art book. I still kinda wish my motorcycle was a light-cycle to this day. Today, Tron got even better.

Oh c'mon! You know you want to bust this guide out with the partner of your choosing! It could even work in your favour! I myself shared this guide with a stunning young woman recently, her exact response? " Okay so no, we didn't then make our way
through the list, however she was sick
at the time so...

Shut euphemisms to describe sex = win".

Get stuck in there True Believers.

Dr Horrible - The MovieThis post may be geeky.This post may be geeky.This post may be geeky.

I believe the appropriate term is OMG OMG OMG. Nathan Fillion reports that progress (however small) is being made on Dr Horrible 2. This makes me happy in my pants.

A quick google search shows that this looks like it'll be a proper release, no free internet loving for fans in the know this time.

Badunkadunk Is Barely EnoughThis post may be funny. This post may be wrong.

There are so many things wrong with this auction I just don't know where to start... Apparently a "powerful wiccan witch" has nothing better to do with her earth-shaking powers than to encourage the growth of your booty. It's especially worth noting the disclaimer which absolves her of any and all responsibility for paranormal activity that may or may not be experienced by you.

Hey, isn't there supposed to be something about everything you send out coming back times three? How big must this woman's arse be? Oh and she also does Breast Enchancement spells etc... how grotesque.

It's Covered In BEES!This post may be geeky.

I agree with Eddie Izzard, there's a certain type of person who decides to surround themselves with bees all the time... It's just a little bit freaky.

So I guess it should be no big surprise that someone has found a way to make bees just a tiny bit creepier. This reminds me of the hive in Aliens somehow...

EpicWin - ALMOST Makes Me Want An iPhoneThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

When I came across Chore Wars years ago I thought it was a good idea, gave it a try and quickly despaired when I found out just how lazy my housemate was. When someone linked me in to a trailer for Epic Win I was immediately reminded of those days.

Nothing I say here will be quite as enticing as the trailer, so go on, click away and watch it. Then, if you're the iPhone type, go download it and see if it helps you motivate yourself to get stuff done. One thing that's not clear to me from this article is whether other people can see your character. This stuff works fabulously if it's providing recognition of work done (or an absense thereof).

John Mellencamp Says Internet Hurts So BadThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

Some of you might remember I covered an interview with the artist formerly known as prince, during which he basically told us all that the internet is totally over and done with?

Well apparently he's not the only musician who is less than impressed with the wonderous tubes that deliver filth into our homes. John Mellencamp recently said the internet is the most dangerous thing since the atomic bomb. Really John? Really?

Sidenote: I bet you have "Hurts So Good" stuck in your head for the rest of the day. That's how it went with me anyways...


Fred The RaverThis post may be funny.I found this at Boing Boing.

It seems to be a cute/wacky kid day on BoingBoing today, but who am I to judge? Check out this kid here. It's really not until about the 40 second mark that he gets stuck into it, but then he suddenly transforms... If you like it check out this as well.


Endearing Hula Hoop FailThis post may be funny.I found this at Boing Boing.

I really can't make my mind up on this kid.

Okay, yes, it's funny that he thinks he's doing the right thing while failing pretty spectacularly, but he's also just a little bit creepy don't you think?


Cardinal George Pell - Wrongtown Says Fuck OffThis post may be wrong.This post may involve religion.

The Australian election is on it's way and as usual when politics are involved, religious leaders feel the need to tell their congregation how to vote, while simultaneously denying that they're doing any such thing. That link is to an article by George Pell on in which he, amongst other things, accuses the Greens of having a communist wing. To that I say Better Red than a trumped up worshipper of an imaginary being.

Of course he was a couple of weeks behind Barry Hickey, the Perth Archbishop who, while "not trying to influence voters" said "While there is no indication that the present Prime Minister will undermine the special privileges that churches enjoy, some wonder what the future will bring," which made the front page of the West Australian newspaper. More quotes can be found here.



Thinking Outside The BoxThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

There's a lot to love about The Oatmeal, and today I think we should all take a moment to reflect on 5 Super Neat Ways To Use A Hooker.

The ability to re-purpose what is essentially considered a one-trick poney is something that should be cherished and encouraged. More so if it involves jousting.

Pictionary With LEGO?This post may be geeky.

As I've said before, I just can't stay away from LEGO based links at the moment, I've got some sort of severe target fixation... Checking the Penny Arcade blog here I found out about "Creationary" from LEGO.

Now I thought Rapidoh was good for competitive drinking games, but this is even better! I can already picture the pieces flying through the air towards some smartarse who's heckling the builder...

Star Wars Chess Made Of LEGOThis post may be geeky.

It seems like LEGO is imprinted on my subconcious somehow of late, and I'm very much okay with that. Over at MAKE they've got a couple of images of this awesome little The Empire Strikes Back Chess Set made out of the iconic building blocks.

Like John who posted it I want to know what the blue transparent thing is on the Empire side...

Kransky SistersThis post may be funny.

The Kransky Sisters are a trio from Esk, rural Australia, playing a variety of covers on, amongst other things, an old reed keyboard, guitar, musical-saw, tuba, and cooking pot. I'm willing to wager you've never heard Psycho Killer, Afternoon Delight or Computer Games quite as they do them... Check them out here.

Start Here, Click Next, RepeatThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

I really feel quite remiss for not sharing this sometime earlier, but it's my visits there are so habitual it didn't occur until now. Something Positive has been running for nearly 10 years now, a lot has changed in that time, but damn there's gold in them thar hills. This is the webcomic I'm talking about when I excitedly explain the "Redneck Tree" card in a deck of Munchkin cards.

You can do it properly and start with the first strip here, or just go to the main page here and start exploring.

Dragon's Lair Lo-Fi?This post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

Not everyone will remember Dragon's Lair, but someone has created for us a really, really, really, really,
really, really, really, really,
low-fi homage to it and a few other games here.

This is one of those games where you're supposed to die many times, before eventually getting the hang of it. It's worth noting that the spots you have to click on aren't random, you can pre-empt them somewhat.

Learn To SwearThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.This post may be geeky.

What's the first thing everyone truly wants to learn when they meet someone who knows a different language? That's right, swearing!

Oh yes it's grand to know how to ask for the train-station, how to order a beverage and how much for "the blonde one" but if you can take just one thing away it's usually how to call someone a petite pute.

You can learn how over at, and they have some pretty obscure examples there, including ways to swear in the "universes" of Only one entry, sadly.Battlestar Galactica and No idea whether these are at all accurate.Firefly.

Say It With Ramadan E-CardsThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.I found this at Boing Boing.

I'll pretty much leave you to draw your own conclusions about these cheeky Ramadan e-cards. They contain such fun messages as "I hope the unattractive blob I've become since losing my job helps you refrain from having sexual thoughts about me this Ramadan" and "May your Ramadan be devoid of blatant racial profiling".

LEGO-mania Can Be So EndearingThis post may be geeky.

The whole "Turning Of The Bricks" thing reminded me; Nathan Sawaya has been around for some time now, I was recently reminded of him when he had an imprint of lego bricks tattoo'd onto his thumb. Check out his gallery, some of his stuff is just plain creepy. No really.

Call Of Cthulhu ExplainedThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

The Brothers Grim & Grimy have seen fit to produce a version of the Call Of Cthulhu, condensed down to 2 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for references to the BP Oilspill, Middle Earth & De Sade.

Turning Of The BricksThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

LEGO have just begun construction on another Legoland Discovery Centre in the USA, and I love the silliness that is the official Turning Of The Bricks. I guess they are a toy company but I'd love to see more stuff along these lines... Perhaps everytime a new McDonalds opens they pile on mounds of McNuggets and officials start shuffling them around with shovels? No?

With Respect, Go Screw YourselfThis post may be funny.I found this at Boing Boing.

Head over to and check out this letter from a former slave to his old owner and the background details with it. I agree with Maggie Koerth-Baker on the site, this is way cooler than HOPA Girl.

Ugly Ugly Ugly CarsThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.I found this at Boing Boing.

Here we have 25 of the uglist automobiles you've ever seen. Yet more proof that taste isn't a pre-requisite to obtaining a drivers licence...

Don't Steal Baby MonkeysThis post may be funny.I found this at Boing Boing.

This is a typical tourist video for the first two and a half minutes or so, at which point a baby monkey forms an attachment to this guy for whatever reason, and the adults don't exactly seem to approve.

Screw In CoffinThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Okay this makes a hell of a lot of sense but I just love that one of the illustrations in the patent documentation for this coffin designed to be screwed into... well a lot of places I guess, has coffins with a fish & duck decorations.

When Wheelchairs Stalk Their PreyThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

I can only imagine it takes some getting used to for carers where this is being trialed, having a wheelchair that not only follows people, but anticipates where they're going next.

The Beatles On UkuleleThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

This is actually a pretty impressive project, they're compiling covers of Every Single Beatles Song covered on Ukulele, with an essay to go with each song.

Music geeks, gorge yourselves.

iPad Of The TigerThis post may be wrong.This post may be geeky.

There's something that doesn't quite sit well with me about this... However it's pretty cleverly done, using various apps on iPads to create an iPad band covering Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor.

Abandoned MinigolfThis post may be wrong.

Over at Daniel Hogans blog he has a great set of photos from an abandoned tourist attraction, which he plans to make the beginning of a series. The creepy bearish thing in a cave is... well, creepy.

Tampon QuestThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Sometimes, change can be a bad thing... I almost feel bad for laughing at this narrative involving one woman, 3 young boys and the wrong sized tampons.

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?This post may be wrong.

This creepy bastard almost didn't get linked but I just had to share the horror.

For the record I usually have no problem with Scary Clowns, hell I've been known to become one, however this creepy bastard looks like he wants to lay eggs in my stomach.

Useful Mozilla Tool For FridayThis post may be geeky.

Just a little add-on that I've heard good things about, MozBackup lets you backup and restore your bookmarks, history, passwords, cache etc for a whole bunch of Mozilla programs, from Firefox & Thunderbird through to the less well known Spicebird, Songbird, SeaMonkey etc...

Sad Link For FridayThis post may be wrong.

The more sensitive of you may need to go back down to the cute otter video after checking out this gallery of photos deemed too hard to keep. Jason Lazarus, an Instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia has started this collection of photographs which the owners now find, for one reason or another, too hard to keep.

Cute Link For FridayThis post may be funny.

For your consideration, I present an Otter Playing With A Rock. Okay it doesn't sound like much but honestly all the people I know who've seen it so far have pretty much just started spontaneously lactating.

Nintendo 3DS, 3D Without GlassesThis post may be geeky.This post may be geeky.This post may be geeky.

How is it that I feel this post is geekier than the post about William Shatner giving Star Trek fans wet dreams? Admittedly this is pretty much just for the gamer geeks, so if that's not you you might want to move along...

Nintendo has a new handheld coming out, and it's capable of producing a 3D effect without the user wearing glasses etc. Head over to joystiq to understand how this works.

Shatner Photobombs Star Trek FansThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.This post might have something to do with religion.

Apparently William Shatner took the time at a recent Star Trek convention to photobomb some fans, and there's a flickr feed of him in action.

I'm pretty sure they'd be some happy little Trekkies.

Tony Abbott IS RightThis post may be funny.

I do love it when people take election materials and put a funny spin on them. An election is rapidly approaching in Australia, and Tony Abbott is the current leader of the opposition.

Most of these altered posters reference his lack of technical understanding about a country-wide broadband network, some his immigration policies, some are just memes, but there are some good ones in there.

Jailhouse Locks... Hurr Hurr HurrThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

I got really bummed earlier this month when they cancelled an auction of the surgical tools used in Elvis' autopsy, that would've been a great link.


Thankfully it didn't take long for this auction of Elvis' hair to come along and perk me right up!


Unicorn Being A Jerk - A Kids BookThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

Now some people were upset by the link to Lady Gaga Devouring A Unicorn.

Cry no more and dry your eyes my freaky little darlings, I direct you to proof that some Unicorns deserve it!

Coolest iPhone Accessory EverThis post may be geeky.

I really can't see anything knocking this off the perch anytime soon... It's a quadricopter you can tether to your iPhone and fly using the accelerometer.

Okay so I still don't see myself moving to an iPhone anytime soon but that's still fucking awesome.

UPDATE: Yes, Android phones are apparently slated to get this next.


Lady Gaga Devours UnicornThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

See I thought the piece earlier this month with Chewbacca riding a squirrel and killing nazi soldiers was the best commissioned artwork ever... now that I've seen this I'm torn... Make sure you view it full size to really appreciate the majesty of nature...


Tiny Cannon Is Back!This post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

I love this thing! It's so adorable, and shiny, and DESTRUCTIVE! I want one, yet I know deep down that I can't be trusted with one.


Seat SaversThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Have you ever rushed over to an empty seat in a public space and found that as you approach some asshole has left something gross and messy all over it? Well you might want to double check in the future that it's not one of these.


Planting Child Pornography For Fun & ProfitThis post may be wrong.

His real name, apparently.Neil Weiner must have had a real problem with his boss Eddie Thompson... big enough that instead of trying to solve their differences in a civil manner, he decided to plant illegal child porn on Eddie's computer. What an asshole.


Pulp Fiction RedubbedThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

I'm not sure just what i think of this, but someone has redubbed Pulp Fiction as if spoken by various Walt Disney characters... check it out for yourself.


Victorian Super MarioThis post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

While we're looking at Mario-themed stuff, check out this illustration of Mario circa 1895.


Princess Peach As You've Never Seen HerThis post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

Now don't get too excited as there is some pixellation, however I'm sure that won't stop hardcore Nintendo geeks from getting quite excited about this.


So Much Hello KittyThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

I've never really understood the whole Hello Kitty phenomenon... Frankly this list freaks me out a little... Go check out 12 Bizarre Hello Kitty Products That Sign The Coming Apocalypse. Then weep for humanity.

My Exit Music PleaseThis post may be funny.

You've probably already heard about the JetBlue flight attendant who made a grand dramatic exit from the airplane, but just in case I've posted it anyway. Apparently he didn't take kindly to being called a motherfucker, who could've seen that coming?

My favourite thing about this is that crazy news network has come up with the goods again, presenting their own re-enactment of the event.

UPDATE: There's now a t-shirt.

Bizarre Pokemon SculpturesThis post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

These sculptures are kinda disturbing... I'd love to see them market those critters as a cutesy kids franchise!

Boyfriend ReplacementThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

There's not a whole lot of content here, and not a whole lot to say, besides the obvious hygiene concerns...


Basic InstructionsThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

Check out Basic Instructions sometime. I humbly suggest starting with this one on customer service, then engaging in a massive Archive Binge.

Know Your GraboidThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.This post may be geeky.

Here we have an "educational" video about Graboids, the primary antagonists of Tremors (for those who were confused about my Worm Food link).


Guns Don't Kill People...This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

...Bridgegrooms Kill People. A guy in Turkey who was firing into the air to celebrate his nuptuals lost control of the gun and sprayed into the crowd, killing his father and two of his aunts. People are worried about gay marriage when this sort of thing is going down at straight weddings? What do they think homosexuals are going to do, bring a rocket launcher to the mix?


"Like Tremors, without Kevin Bacon"This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.This post may be geeky.This post might occupy a lot of your time.

So it's a little mean of me to post an addictive game where you play a rock-tunnelling carnivourous worm set on consuming cute villagers right when most of the people who come here are looking to go to bed, but it's really quite good fun. Go play it.


Fatwa Against Civet Coffee Encourages Sales Of SameThis post might have something to do with religion.

I just love it when some trumped up religious leader tries to throw his weight around and it backfires. Turns out that while discussions about issueing a fatwa against this ridiculously expensive coffee were going on, they reported a sales boost of about 30 percent. One can only imagine how much sales would've been boosted if they actually issued one!


Psycho Pigeon Qu’est-ce Que C’est?This post may be wrong.

In this music video for "Wanderland" by Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe. a happy little bird tucks into a purple berry that sends him tripping through the foilage. Contains Unicorns, Kittens & Well, you might find it disturbing...Disturbing Imagery.


Surviving HiroshimaThis post may be wrong.

Definitely some very very wrong stuff here. Various survivors make their accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima.


Retro Ads For Skype, Youtube & FacebookThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

There's just something I love about retro advertisements such as this. Maybe you'll like em too?

Someone Forgot To Tell Them To SmileThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Not a whole lot you can say about a collection of photos containing people who look less than thrilled. That said, it has that Train-Wreck Appeal I love so much.

Got A Spacebar? Then I've Got A Game For YouThis post may be geeky.This post might occupy a lot of your time.

Well this game is quite clearly a clone of this game, however it adds a whole bunch of unlockable "Acheivements" that will keep the more OCD player hammering away for some time to come.

Apprentice Butcher Of The Year 1960This post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

I'll be honest, this isn't for everyone. However the right sort of nerd will positively gush over this old archive footage, it just begs to be spoofed... In fact when things get a little strange at the end it's hard to tell if it's actually legit.

Do You Remember The NES?This post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

Inverse Phase have released covers of several geek anthems reimagined as NES-style chiptunes. Honourable mentions are The Transformers Theme of course.NESformers, The Safety Dance - Men Without HatsFami-Dance & Say It Ain't So - WeezerSay It Ain't Sixty-FO... all for US$5!

Like Zombies? Like Pizza?This post may be geeky.This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.This post might occupy a lot of your time.

Check out this interactive youtube game from Hell Pizza where you make decisions along the way as to how the delivery guy is going to tackle the town full of zombies and get his pizza to the client. It's stupid as hell, but it has it's moments. Chiefly those moments involve cleavage...

Big Cats Turn Into Kittens For CatnipThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

Just something to make you chuckle on a Friday, here's some big cats getting all crazy for industrial sized quantities of catnip.


Geeks Make Science Betterer, No-one SurprisedThis post may be geeky.

I feel bad that it's been such a long time since I've played FoldIt, as apparently it's Super Effective! Imagine if they could somehow harness all that Farmville activity for science, that'd be awesome.

Toe Texting Victim Hails HelpThis post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

Now I still can't understand why she was left with a laptop, but apparently a woman who was tied up by a home invader managed to Instant Message for help using her toes. She was left in a position where she was able to reach her laptop with her feet and managed to open a chat window to her boyfriend and request help.

Reminds me of a Uh... That's not what it sounds like.dude I knew who could undo your belt buckle with his feet...

Awesome Job AdvertisementThis post may be funny.

If this job ad didn't get a whole heap of applicants, then there is something wrong with the world.

Australians Christian ScaremongeringThis post might have something to do with religion.

This lovely bit of drama entreats all Australian Christians to be sure to only ever vote for fellow Christians, lest the Atheist PM and the Anti-Christian Greens eat all of the pretty pink babies and drop huge steaming turds onto the alter of their local church.

Sounds good to me.

Gay Marriage Is A Funny ThingThis post may be funny.This post might have something to do with religion.

So with Prop 8 done away with in California, has a list of some funny Gay Marriage related vids for your amusement.

Jack Russell Eats Owners Toe, Avoids Nasty InfectionThis post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Who has a taste for necrotic flesh? Kiko has a taste for necrotic flesh! Yes he does!

More information here, apparently the infection smelt like bacon or something, and his wee doggie decided to sort it out for him...

Treadmills A-Go-Go!This post may be funny.

A common "cute animal video" is the ever popular Cat on a treadmill., also shown here, and here, with a more agressive confrontation here.

However could there be something better? Perhaps one of these videos of dogs on a treadmill?

Ferret on a treadmill?

Horse on a treadmill? (see more about horses on treadmills here)

Child on a Horse treadmill?

Kiwi on a treadmill?

Tortoise on a pizza box?

See-through turtle on a treadmill?

Sea turtle on a treadmill?

Perhaps Vampire bats on a treadmill?


No. This is all nonsense. Clearly a shrimp on a treadmill set to the Benny Hill theme is the best.

Oh okay so I'm overtired... just watch that little bastard run though...


Lightning at up to 9000 FPSThis post may be geeky.

If you click here you'll be quickly rewarded with a series of extremely slow-motion videos of lightning strikes. Well? What're you waiting for?


Freaky Torsoman To Add Human Element To Phonecalls?This post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

Now I'm not the most backwards person about adopting new tech, but this freaky robot that you talk to while on phonecalls would freak me the fuck out.

Sorry Vegetarians, Meat Made Us SmartThis post may be geeky.

For all that people may talk about cooking food damaging vitamins etc, it would appear that we wouldn't be in our current lofty position of dominance on this planet if we didn't start cooking and eating meat. This article goes into some of the research around this, including a squicktastic fun fact about tapeworms...

Bon appetit!

Flamethrower Vs Fire ExtinguisherThis post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

This is just... I have no words... It's hypnotic... So ugly... So beautiful... You must experience it for yourself...

Video From Boing BoingThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.I found this at Boing Boing.

So I found a few interesting vids on Boing Boing today, so figured I'd just point you towards them.

We have a washing machine self-destructing when fed a brick.

Continuing in this vein, slow motion destruction of various objects... The the egg falling onto a mousetrap...
the three wine-glasses...
the way that guy's fingers bend when he karate-chops the slab...
lightbulbs full of paint...
the lighter starting...
oh fuck it just go watch...
bullet through jelly is awesome

We also have English Swear Words, during which the instructor trans: somewhat misogynisticallyquaintly requests that women and children leave the room.

Also a great combination of a mechanical iris, an arduino unit and a custom made engraving to create a garage door opener that leaves others in the dust.

Crazy Tiny Pencil SculpturesThis post may be geeky.

Dalton Ghetti creates tiny sculptures by carving pencils. Especially impressive are the linked chains that he's carved out of a single graphite pencil, carefully working away with razor, needle and knife to seperate the links from each other.

Indonesian Minister Demands Porn Be BlockedThis post may be wrong.This post might have something to do with religion.

In yet another unsurprising development, religious people are throwing tantrums and demanding that the world work differently. The Indonesian Minister for Information has demanded that a filter blocking pornography access in the country be in place by the time Ramadan comes around on the 11th of August.

Australian Classrooms Now Teaching Bullshit?This post may be wrong.This post might have something to do with religion.

This sort of shit never ceases to make me angry. Apparently Queensland schools are allowing Seriously this sort of bullshit makes me want to
get up early on a Sunday morning and wait outside a church,
headbutting people as they come out.
creationist nonsense
to be taught during classes.

Kids go to school expecting to learn things. They shouldn't have to filter through it all to figure out what's reasonably provable and what isn't, unsubstantiated nonsense like "DNA wasn't invented then" has no place in the classroom.

The Star ThrowerThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.

Well this one is just plain cute. Head over to Agent44, blog of Jake Parker, and check out his comic "The Star Thrower". It brings to mind Learned Helplessness.

Witch Rhymes With... B... B...This post may be funny.This post might have something to do with religion.This post may be wrong.

I have a mate who likes to bait me into rage-filled rants by showing me articles about stupid people. He was pretty successful with this one about a woman in Victoria who claimed that earth's laws didn't apply to her before attempting to leave the scene when pulled over by a traffic cop in Geelong.

Now the rational side of me says "However my rational side is sitting in a corner
rocking back and forward chanting this while I
rage at this stupid fucking woman dragging some
poor bastard down the road because she subscribes
to some bizarre power fantasy...
Clearly this woman has some sort of issue which probably makes it very hard for her to even manage day to day, we should support her in seeking help

Nintendo PornThis post may be geeky.This post might have something to do with religion.

Okay so it's not Apologies to those who saw
"Porn" and a picture of Zelda and
clicked immediately, fumbling to
free their genitals from their
tracksuit pants, before realizing.
porn, and it's not really a religion, but this photoset over at flickr has some pretty hardcore Nintendo fetishism going on there nonetheless.

I heartily approve.

Creepy, Inevitability Of Death Pokemon Bootleg?This post may be wrong.This post may be geeky.I found this at Boing Boing.

Over at there's a story of a bootleg copy of Pokemon Red which introduced a new type of Pokemon, which allowed you to not only permanently kill your vanquished foes, but their trainers as well.

I make no claims as to the veracity of the story, but I figure all That's what kids are into these days right?
With their ill-fitting pants
and their hats on backwards
and their rock music?
you crazy kids
that grew up playing this will find it interesting.

Are They Still Harmless If You Choke On Them?This post may be wrong.

Check out this video footage of a mass of "Daddy Long Legs" spiders on a tree... at first they look kinda like a mossy growth, then they get disturbed and it becomes clear that it's just a lot of our eight-legged friends...

What? Also, I find it's a good idea
not to imagine them crawling all over you,
or waking up to find such a mass has somehow
fallen into your mouth and now you're
choking on squirming Opiliones...
Don't look at me like that
, I put the wrong stamp on this and everything!

Badass Lego FiguresThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

The Pilot Extrafine pen adverts including Tattooed Lego Minifigs are pretty awesome. Works for me, I'd buy a pen.

Any Trichophiliacs Reading?This post may be funny.

If you head to the Dave Mead Photography website you can view (and purchase) portraiture of the contestants of the World Beard & Moustache Championship.

What I wanna know is, why are they all white guys?

"Uninsurable" Astronauts Were Clever, Who Knew? I found this at Boing Boing. This post may be geeky.

I really can't say I seek out articles about insurance on a daily basis, but thanks to I came across this one.

I assume now that they can?Back in the early days when they couldn't get a life insurance policy to cover them the astronauts used to create momentoes just before their launch date, in the hope that if something went wrong the family would be left with a valuable item to sell.

A little morbid, but I like that.

Liked Violence Fridays? How About Hand Wound Mondays?This post may be wrong.

One moment you're looking at someone's idea for a wrist-mount for an iPhone, the next you've stumbled across the Hand Wound Monday feature of The Blog Of Pure Awesome. Disclaimer: You probably won't enjoy this.Enjoy!

Mummified Dead Dude Found In TokyoThis post may be wrong.

Classy classy classy. Officials turned up to visit the oldest man in Tokyo and discovered that he had died and his family was keeping it a secret.

You Are Not So SmartThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.This post might occupy a lot of your time.

This blog is just great. From the blog itself:

The Misconception: You are a rational, logical being who sees the world as it really is.
The Truth: You are as deluded as the rest of us, but that’s OK, it keeps you sane.

Check it out.

Super-Macho!This post may be funny.This post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

Do you carry a knife? Do you find that your current knife just doesn't make you feel as macho as it used to? Your problems are over! Behold the Shark Knife!

These Are Their StoriesThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.This post may be wrong.

Step 1: Summarise a Law & Order episode in one line.
Step 2: Create art that attempts to capture that summary.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: PROFIT!

Someone Make This GameThis post may be funny.This post may be geeky.I found this at Boing Boing.

I'm not even fucking kidding I want this to be a game. Check out the Gamefan84's Deviantart Profile to see a truly inspired commisioned piece. I'll give you a hint: Star Wars + Nazis + Rodents = WIN.

Won't Someone Think Of The Children?This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

So Slushpile Hell held a contest. The aim was to come up with a title for the Worst Childrens Book EVER. Click through for the Top 25.

Stickin' It To The ManThis post may be funny.

Dining, then ditching. A time-honoured tradition. Not a hard thing to do if you've got the stones for it. Unfortunately there IS a minimum level of smarts required to pull it off as well, something these ladies can only aspire to.

When You're Afraid Beer Is Getting Too ClassyThis post may be funny. This post may be wrong.

That's right, BrewDog have decided to make very expensive beer and present it in the most offensive way they could think of. Awesome.

Because Women Are BoringThis post might occupy a lot of your time.

The Bechdel Test is interesting. The rules are:

1. It has to have at least two women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

Worst. Cause Of Death. EVER.This post may be wrong.This post may be funny.

Pretty sure the fact that I laughed when I read this makes me a terrible person. How about you?

Minimalist Album CoversThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.

I think some of these minimalist Album covers are better than the originals. There's a whole flickr set waiting, go on, clicky clicky!

Hunny!This post may be geeky.This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

I can't say I was ever a big fan of Winnie The Pooh, however this little bit of artwork has definitely struck a chord... go check it out.

Punch It Chewie!This post may be geeky.

There's something special about a Millenium Falcon Guitar Mod that just warms my heart. Frankly, I don't care just how well that thing plays, it makes me feel good just knowing it exists...

One of THOSE MemesThis post may be geeky.This post may be funny.This post may be wrong.

This kinda blows my mind. I mean here's me thinking I'm pretty lame, posting links to a website hoping people will be entertained, but the sheer effort that must have gone into creating this is just nuts. I found some of the backstory on if you're interested.