Links from May 2010

Below you'll find a selection of some of the fucked up, geeky, or just plain interesting things that I have come across via the interwebs.

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Remember Johnny 5 Is Alive?

This copy made of lego is pretty damn impressive :)



Obligatory Link To Stormtrooper Toys

Well we've probably seen these pics before, but just in case...

Public Health Notice


Head to Super Sexy CPR for instructions on how to give CPR. Now there's a lot going on, and some of them are hard to remember... Actually I think I might go back and watch it again...



Huzzah For Conversations Out Of Context

Of course it doesn't matter that this is something he said off the cuff several years ago. Clearly he plans world domination!


Mark Dery reviews Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals

From the "domesticated" chimp who chewed a woman's face off, to the toddler “whose mother smeared his hand with honey so that she could shoot video of him playing with a black bear. It ate his hand.” This book sounds like it's If you're into that sort of thing...full of gold.


Dear Girls Above Me

This guy writes amusing, passive-aggressive tweets to the (pretty trashy sounding) girls who have moved into the apartment above him. I feel like I should start a betting pool as to how long it takes him to find stranger, more dangerous ways to vent.



The Complexity of Fluid Dynamics in Slow Motion

Gizmodo says it so well; "There's a lot of complex math equations that describe the interaction between fluids and masses of lipids wrapped in keratinocytes, melanocytes, Langerhans cells and Merkels cells in the presence of gravity. I can't stop watching. There must be more. I'm going to need a lot of expensive equipment...This video doesn't solve any of them."

Russian Giant & His Petite Wife

I can't decide which one of them is luckiest. He's not a "pretty" man but one can only imagine she finds her life with him Surely she's got to be in danger... that looks just this side of physically possible.fulfilling...

Debt-crisis explained through tearful laughter

From a link to Australia's brilliant political satire team of Clarke and Dawe do a great job here in exposing the fundamental and terrifying ridiculousness of the Euro debt-crisis and the world's teetering economic state. If you like this you might also enjoy one about the Deepwater Horizon incident.

Students Laptops Fitted With Spyware

Spyware that can remotely activate the webcam. Yeah anyone else seeing potential there for Anyone else got an erection? No? Just me? Oh. Good.

Yeah no me neither I was making a joke.
? Oh and the best bit, if you hack one of the clients you've pretty much got access to ALL of them.

Amityville Horror House For Sale

The house where Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdured six family members as they slept back in the '70's is up for sale.

Derek Yu's Super Mario Tribute

Check it out here, also worth checking out his games, this guy made Spelunky, a game that generates new levels each time you play and is Oh sweet baby jebus on a segway with a machinegun it's addictive.
Especially trying to beat the shop-owners. Which is a bad idea. But fun.
kind of addictive
. For bonus points the same post that includes the Mario tribute shows oil paintings of Not a typo.Hitler's head exploding. Also for the old folks remember the guy's face in Doom?

Gandalf Impersonator Does TV Themes

This guy does a decent impersonation of Ian McKellen. Check out his covers of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or Charles In Charge, or maybe Duck Tales is more to your taste?

Unexpurgated Atheist FAQ

Finally the To a given value of true. Which is to say not at all.truth comes out! A great little read :D

Wank Yourself Silly

Aaah the 50's. I wasn't there, but I wish I had been to read this sort of quality advice from the good Rev. H. Walter Yoder. Bless him.


Ever wonder Actually it's not really true to say all OCD people do this... most of them do WAY stranger things...what people with OCD do when watching movies? Well apparently some of them spend all their time counting how many people are killed. Well not just people, also Autobots, Aliens, Dogs, Bats, Vampires, Vampire/Lycan Hybrid Fetus' etc... Good times huh?

Plushie Cumsprite

Just when you thought Oglaf was wrong by itself, someone made Cumsprite Plushie.

How Oh there I go spelling Awesome wrong again...awful.

You Want Wrong? I'll Give You Wrong

Seriously, Oglaf is pretty goddamn wrong. Like, you have to be a 13 year old guy to think this is okay levels of wrong. Of course I think it's hilarious.

RIP Mars Lander

Well it had one hell of a good run, but the Mar Lander finally kicked the bucket.

Popper Portraiture

Photographer Ruth Bayer took a series of portraits of people while they were high

on Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here.poppers.

Pop Up Particle Physics Book

Check out  this pop up Particle Physics book, it is full of if your idea of awesome is cardboard. Your mileage may varyawesome.

If Game Consoles Were Buildings

Ever looked at a gaming console and thought it'd make a cool design for a building? No? Well yeah me neither, but someone did. Then they created these images to show off their crazy dream.

Kid Is Better At Self-Affirmation Than I Am

This 4 year old lists off all the things that are awesome in her life. Including the apparent ability to be a shark.

Still Alive Remixed

Here we have Still Alive, the closing credit song for Which is fantastic and you should play it. Now. Go on, play it and come back, I'll wait.Portal by Jonathan Coulton, performed by a variety of fans. If you don't like this, you may not be geeky enough for Wrongtown... 

Cops Raid Scientology Chapter, Find Bad Stuff, Who Knew Right?

Now I'm pretty sure it'll come as no surprise to anyone to find that scientologists have been misbehaving but check this out anyways. Then laugh. Then cry when you realise people are slogging their life away in support of this.

Cracked Takes The Piss On Behalf of Pirate Bay

Apparently your mp3 player has an absolutely ridiculous value placed on it by the RIAA... I wonder if they'll buy mine?

Geek Alphabet FTW LOL

Check out this Geek Alphabet some people on Flikr put together.

Pope Palpatine Themed Condoms

I know being reminded of his spooky visage would help me to abstain...

Nerdy Tattoos FTW 

From the Legend of Zelda Tramp Stamp to the Hindu Mario these are some damn nerdy tatts!

Huzzah for Dissonance!

Well not really... it causes all sorts of backwards thinking... but this is one nerdy mother of a song...

Check out Nikola Tesla's Death Mask

Huzzah for dead scientists terrorising people from beyond the grave! Check it out here.

Rockin' Robot Tshirt

Check out this shirt. There is nothing bad about it. It is All Good. Like made of robots and electric guitars. What's not to like?

MetaFilter Saves Cute Russians From Bad Men

So this guy asks MetaFilter for help, as he's pretty sure that some girls he knows have got themselves involved in Human Trafficking. All the keyboard jockeys get together and eventually the girls are convinced not to fall for it. Sweet as.

What? Hey this is Wrongtown, that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be happy something nice happened every now and then. Besides, I was never going to see them strip anyways, so no loss for me right?

Octopus Wuvs Coconut

Aparently cephalopods are mad for tool use. Check out this transforming tanktopus.

I for one welcome our squishy cephalopod masters.


Courtship is a Tricky Thing

Luckily for Dr Alan Statham of Green Wing, he's a Master. I first saw this a few years ago and I'm still not tired of it...


Blister Fetish Anyone?Fucking idiots.

Then enter the wacky world of Competitive Sauna. Me? I think maybe I'll go throw up and have a lie down.



I Want These

Someone buy them for me. Hell I've EARNT these.

Creepy Creepy

Helping Johnny Remember? But... they... and he... eye-lasers... devil-children... WHAT!?



Woman Fined for Picking Up Wrong Dog PoopPick Up After Your Dog

Apparently she got confused and picked one up, but not the one belonging to her dog.

AT-AT Wedding Cake

Check out this geeky Star Wars AT-AT themed Wedding Cake


Computers Detecting Sarcasm

  I, for one, welcome our Sarcastic Robot Overlords.


 Butthurt Locker

 Check out this email exchange between a producer of The Hurt Locker and a guy who emailed him (politely I think) saying that he's planning on boycotting his films after hearing of plans to sue people who torrented the film.

Seems to me someone needs to grow up if he's going to be a big shot. If it were my business I'd be sorely tempted to fire anyone sending that sort of kneejerk reaction stuff out.




This is why you're fat.

'nuff said.


Who You Gonna Call? Improv Anywhere?

Improv Anywhere up to mischief again, re-creating some Ghostbusters magic

at the New York Public Library. 


Unemployed? Nah.

Awesome t-shirt for the unemployed from Diesel Sweeties.


Silver Lining to crashy Photoshop?

Amusing crash reports from a guy who has had enough about the instability issues he's experiencing with Adobe Photoshop CS4.


Kinda hard to believe it's not all done in post

Check out this light show.