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Wrongtown: Origins

In the beginning, at a housewarming in Gosnells, an impromptu jam manifested in a kitchen. Amongst the pots, pans and various inebriated party guests three friends, namely The ClampCallum Presbury, Rhythmic PoundingLeo Downsborough & AsstroglideWill Hults decided “Hey, that sounds pretty sweet dude”.

Meanwhile Not A WizardLewis Karpinski-Bell and Callum were exchanging lessons in their respective areas of expertise when Leo walked in and they "accidentally" wrote their first song, On Fire.

A friend in need asked Callum to perform for a fundraiser. The eager young lad jumped at the chance and the boys finally followed through with their original plan to "do this again sometime".

Though the fundraiser was cancelled the raw and relatively unrehearsed acoustic set began to grow and change.

It was at this time Low-End G-Spot Decision MakerTroy Hall naively offered to join the boys for rehearsals to fill in until they found a bassist. He enjoyed filling the spot so much that the rest of the boys decided he should keep filling. Filling the band with his sweet, sweet bass that is. It was then that Saxual DeviantSam Warne, who up until this point was an unofficial advisor of vocal harmonies, was asked to bring her vocal chords, keys and saxophone skills in.

Each individual brought their own individual talent to the mix, similar to Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Except instead of girly rings and useless powers like "heart" and "air" they combine the powers of There's also baldness,
but don't point it out,
he thinks no-one has noticed.

It's a shitty power anyway.
rock, jazz, blues, funk and folk

Separate, they are your average joes.

Together, they are Wrongtown.

One day they hope to pilot robotic lions. That'd be sweet.