Links From March 2011

Never Sleep Again Science. Geeky. Cute. Time-thief.

I really don't want to say a lot about this link, it's much more fun for you to just go there and figure out what you have to do by yourself. You'll need to allow flash on the site, well worth it in my opinion.


Text Of The Day Wrong.

Whatever, Princess.

Oh Hi, I'm Just Firing My Machete Slingshot Science. Geeky. Wrong. Video. I found this at Boing Boing.

I think it's admirable that he admits that this is good for nothing except just plain entertainment value, but I love it anyway. The glee that he displays after each shot is infectious :)


Ain't Gonna Pee-Pee My Bed Tonight Funny. Wrong. Wrong. Old-school. Video.

I always appreciate finding something guaranteed to give me bad dreams right before I go to bed. It always gives me immense pleasure to know that with any luck you will spot it early in the morning, perhaps before going to work. Really, who could honestly say they don't want this stuck in their head all day.


Pole Dancin' For Jesus Funny. Wrong. Religion. Video.

If there's one thing Jesus loves more than Christians, it's Christians who can pole-dance. Also: Tacos.

I love that you've got to bring a flyer from your church to gain entry to the classes.


World Record Shallow Dive Science. Wrong. Video.

This looks really unpleasant to me... This guy dives from an 11m platform into a paddling pool containing just 30.5cm of near-freezing water, breaking his previous record. Yeah it's sitting on some sort of mat, but I'm still happy to call this impressively stupid.

For a "regular dive" follow up, check out this high-dive from 52.4m.


Talking To Your Kids About Star Wars Funny. Geeky. Cute. Video.

Sometimes it's important to deal with the big issues with your kids. I think this is a worthwhile initiative. Please, think of the children. Talk to them about Star Wars.


Meet Mac, The Comedy Computer Funny. Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Time-thief. Video.

If there's one thing I like better than computers doing stand-up comedy, it's computers failing badly at stand-up comedy. Mac The Comedy Computer certainly meets the stated criteria.


Watched By A Shaman! Funny. Wrong. Wrong. Video.

I honestly don't know what the hell is going on here... but I wanted to infect you all with it anyway.


Well, That's Inappropriate Funny. Geeky. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Video.

Continuing on a Nintendo-fueled theme (broadly speaking) we have this creepy bit of puppetry. Thanks Gem.


Super Mario - Just A Guy On Mushrooms? Funny. Geeky. Wrong. Old-school. Video.

This is just as I always imagined... that crazy, drug addicted fool.


Text Of The Day Funny. Wrong.

The fool! You start with
"Could I sleep with your
daughters for $1 million" and then
you haggle down from there.

Pedobear Is Everywhere Funny. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

So apparently it's all just a huge coincidence that Pedobear has shown up in and advertisement for a computer parts distributor which:

1) Is named CP (sometimes used as an abbreviation for Child Porn) Distributor.

2) Is part-owned by a guy who is a registered Sexual Offender.

It really does sound like someone set out to ruin his day.


Not Tempting To Copy At All Funny. Geeky. Wrong.

So over at there's a few examples of a little project Oli took on back in 2007. He'd grab his mate James' facebook photos, then subtly photoshop James' face before uploading them again himself.

Don't ask me why this tickles me.


Blinky Funny. Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Time-thief. Video.

Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

Well, I'm thoroughly creeped out. Thanks Stu.


Carl Warmenhoven - Resilient Comedian Funny. Wrong. Video.

Two weeks after having a stroke this guy wrote some new material about it and was back up on the stage claiming that he was giving up the use of his left side for Lent. Gotta love resilient comedians.


Dino D-Day Has Awesome Publicity Funny. Geeky. Wrong.

I didn't even know about the game, apparently it's due to launch pretty soon via Steam. I still don't know much about it, except that any game which has publicity like this stands a pretty awesome chance at securing my impulse buy.



I've Got Wheels For Feet... Do You Get That? Funny. Geeky. Old-school. Video. Selling Out Like A Rug Store.

Remember that scene where R2D2 & C3PO have a spat after landing on Tattooine? Here we have Simon Pegg & Nick Frost re-creating it.

Okay, yes, this is clearly an unabashed attempt at a viral video to advertise "Paul" which is coming out shortly, but I still laughed.


So, I'm Like, Racist Wrong. Video.

Don't you love it when you, like, post a racist rant on youtube and it goes viral?

I like the comment that this mirror posted with the video:

Get it straight, we are not countering hate with more hate. That will only fuel racism even more. When this controversy is all over, why don't you guys just hug someone of a different ethnicity and say, "We can all hate each other & we can let the our amygdala or medial prefrontal cortex do tricks on us, but let's try our best to love each other from now on."


Claymation Chess Is WAY More Engaging Geeky. Cute. Video.

Okay so this is pretty damn geeky, but takes me back to the days of Battlechess. I'm pretty we'd see a few more kids giving it a shot if moves resulted in action like this...


Nuclear Boy Wants To Poo - Fukushima For Kids Funny. Science. Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Video.

Wow... Here we see the Fukushima nuclear crisis put into a context that kids can understand to help them come to terms with it. Nuclear Boy has a tummy-ache and needs to poo, but no-one wants that so they're trying to make him feel better. He's already farting a lot.


Creepy Is Right Funny. Wrong. Video.

Thanks to RayWJ for this link also, I came across a shorter clip of this a little while ago but it's even creepier when he does his predatory-cat-yawn-thing.


Baby Freaks Out Over Nose-Blowing Funny. Cute. Video.

Had a hard day? This is one of those videos that'll cheer up most people. The way he throws himself back at 0:44 cracks me up.

Thanks to RayWJ for this video.


I Need To See More Films Geeky. Old-school. Time-thief. Video.

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

This video is especially for all the film geeks out there, see how many you recognise. There are a surprising amount in there that I know, but many of the flashes remind me of films I never managed to see.


He's Zack! Funny. Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Religion. Time-thief. Video.

Don't you hate it when you post a list of the worst home-made music videos of all time and then someone comes along and blows you away with an absolute masterpiece of the genre?


Chatroulette Love Song Funny. Geeky. Cute. Video.

I'm not sure whether to believe that this little performance was legitimately customized on the fly for Diana, but I like to think it was. Cheesy, yet impressive.

I love the comment from DikkeShitRassengan: Before this was posted, who would believe her this happened? "I swear, a guy and a couple of buddies broke into song, we had dinner, he proposed and the pastor was there! I swear!"


Jimi Hendrix Mosaic Contains 5k Plectrums Geeky. Time-thief.

What do you do with 5,000 guitar plectrums and a desire to raise money for cancer research? Well according to Ed Chapman, you create a Jimi Hendrix mosaic.

It fetched £23,000 at auction, almost four times the amount last years John Lennon mosaic went for.


Hitchslap Compilation Funny. Science. Religion. Time-thief. Video.

The term "Hitchslap" has only recently entered my lexicon, but it is most certainly an appropriate description of the examples in this video.



Shirts Motherfucker, Do You Wear Them? Selling Out
Like A Motherfuckin'
Rug Wholesaler.

Just a quick post here to let those who check the links here more often than the band news section that you can buy Wrongtown shirts over at

You can have light text on your choice of dark backgrounds or dark text on your choice of light backgronds in t-shirts. Then you just have to decide whether you need a standard T-shirt, V-neck, Long-sleeved, "girly fitted" t-shirt or a hoodie.

Or you could always just grab some die-cut vinyl stickers.



Aunt Flo - Wonder Showzen Funny. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Video.

It's clips like this, with good, solid moral and educational value, that make you wonder why on earth they took Wonder Showzen off the air...

Here we see a young girl coming to terms with becoming a woman.


Mr Body - Your Body Buddy Funny. Science. Wrong. Video.

Hey kids! Let Mr Body be your Body Buddy and teach you about your lungs, your tongue, or maybe your brain! Such wonder and joy!

Thanks to Sam for this one.


Placebo Effect Science. Video.

The placebo effect really is fascinating, and this little video does a good job of covering some of the basics while being entertaining.


Inception In 60 Seconds - Victorian Woodcut Style Funny. Geeky. Cute. Old-school. Video.

I love what they've done with this, very nice.


Why Homosexuality Should Be Banned Funny. Wrong. Old-school. Religion. Video.

This clip has been around for some years now, but it's worth revisiting every now and then to rub in just how stupid it is to have laws that discriminate against gay people.


How To Be Bullysmart! Funny. Wrong. Old-school. Video.

I'm really wondering who the hell commissioned this video, with it's "street smart" advice for kids who want to give a bully reason to get really nasty.

Just check out these gems:

"Another effective slap is to the bullys groin."
"Don't roll over on your stomach, because the bully will grab your head and bounce it off the sidewalk."
"Biting is another simple technique."

And I love their idea of clothing that might make you look like you're part of a gang.


The Loog Guitar Geeky. Cute. I found this at Boing Boing.

Over at Kickstarter they're asking for pledges to get the Loog Guitar off the ground.

This looks kinda cute, a 3-string guitar designed to be assembled by kids with their parents, and easy to play. They just got picked up by so I reckon they might just hit that target.


Tim Minchin on Robert Llewelyn's Carpool Funny. Geeky. Religion. Time-thief. Video.


Text Of The Day Wrong.

Good for you?

Sex Clubs Of The 1700s Funny. Wrong. Old-school. Time-thief.

Over at there's an interesting little article about the habits of The Most Ancient and Most Puissant Order of Beggar's Benison and Merryland, Anstruther, Scotland.

Apparently they had a thing for collecting the pubic hair of courtesans to the King, "frigging" a lot, jerking off together onto silver platters and measuring it...

Oh just go read the damn thing.

Then, for bonus points, try to maintain an erection while viewing Women Laughing Alone With Salad on the same site. It's eery.


Awesome Airlines Funny. Wrong. Time-thief.

We have Eric over at Echo Fox Three to thank for the link to this little gem.

Yes I know, it's, so you'll probably be there for the next hour reading articles titled using the time honoured "{Number}{Hook}" formula (like The 5 Most Spectacularly Unsexy Workout Videos Ever) and then you will have seen Angela Lansbury take a bubble bath while discussing her sexuality and then you will take a meat hook to your own eyes but it made me smile and dammit sometimes you just have to go on a Cracked binge and then type really long sentences...


Onion News Network: Always Classy Funny. Science. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Video.

This sort of legislation doesn't seem all that far away in some places. Heaven save us from the Religious Right.


Come Play With Me... Forever Funny. Wrong. Video.

You really don't need to speak Spanish to get what's going on in this video... I'm wondering what the last "victim" was planning to do...

The action starts around the 30 second mark, or you can just click the heading above to go straight to youtube and have the video skip to that time automatically.


Give Up Robot Now Joined By Give Up Robot 2 Geeky. Cute. Wrong. Old-school. Time-thief.

Some of you may have already played Give Up Robot, where the player is put in control of a tiny unicycling robot with a grappling hook and a passive-aggressive computer "pal" goading you to give up.

Even if you haven't, excellent news! You can find both the original and the new sequel here for all of your frustrating platformy needs. I love that grappling clouds often produces what must pass for pillow-talk.


Cleverbot - Wasting Your Time Science. Geeky. Time-thief.

No seriously, having a conversation with Cleverbot can seriously drain your time. It will even try to convince you to stay if you're polite enough to say you should go do other more productive things.

As you can see from the image to the left, it tried to convince me it was human.


Magic Tricks On Chatroulette Funny. Geeky. Wrong. Video.

So the tricks here aren't world-breaking, but I think it's pretty cute that this guy is logging in and entertaining people. Even if some of those people are determined to show him their genitals.


Adorable Astronomatryoshkas Funny. Science. Geeky. Cute. Wrong.

So Nate wanted to give his Astronomy-major girlfriend an awesome gift for her birthday, so he painted up these little nested matrioshka dolls as famous astronomers. I think I'm probably a bad person, based on the giggles that the Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking dolls elicited.


Text Of The Day Funny. Geeky. Wrong. Religion.

Man I hope he was nice to her...

When Is Rocking Rocking And When Is It "Shaking"? Funny. Cute. Wrong. Time-thief. Video.


Kids Toys Are So Classy These Days Funny. Wrong.

Wow I missed out when I was a kid... I didn't get a mobile phone until after I could afford to buy one myself... Didn't get a laptop bought for me so I could undress for internet creeps... Never even had a toy shock baton to terrorize the neighbourhood with.

How is this a good idea?


So Very True Funny.

[citation needed]


Good Grief Charlie Sheen! Funny. Cute. Wrong. Old-school. Video.

I dig this little excerpt from the Jimmy Kimmel show where they decided to soften the content of thatCharlie Sheen radio interview by using footage of another Charlie along with it.

Thanks to Eric once again for pointing me in the direction of this.


Super Happy Corset Makes Boobs Go Boing! Funny. Wrong. Video.

There's just something about crazy Japanese advertisements that seem to be promising that you can grow larger breasts by playing with them that keeps me watching...

Oh yeah... it'd be all the playing with their breasts that they do...

Check out the hurt look on the girls face at the 1:30 mark when they make her undo the restraints for a while.


Victory Doesn't Mean Maturity Funny. Wrong. Video.

Yes, this is just plain stupid... but there's a part of me that really wants to kick someone's arse at something so I can send them to this video. Repeatedly.


Text Of The Day Wrong.

How? HOW? Details, we need DETAILS!

It's The 40 Second Mark You Gotta Watch For Funny. Wrong. Video.

Okay so you have to watch 40 seconds of sad people at a Polish funeral first, but what happens at that point is kinda nuts. I figure they'd be using blanks, right?



Actors In Character Funny. Time-thief.

So this Vanity Fair photographer Howard Schatz got a few well known faces to act out a series of roles and scenarios in an effort to capture that certain something that these people are trying to turn on.


Well That's Just Kinda Cool Science. Geeky. Video.

There's not a lot ot say about this video, it's a time-lapse shot at Lake Tahoe in California showing a really excellent view of a sizable portion of the Milky Way.

I'm a geek, this is going to happen.


Famous Objects From Classic Movies Game Geeky. Time-thief.

This is just a bit of a time-sink... A game where you are provided the silhouette of an object from a classic film and are required to type in the name of the film to score. I'm surprised as to how well I did, being so uncultured, but some of these things are just that iconic I guess.


George Carlin On The "Pro-Life" Movement Funny. Old-school. Religion. Time-thief. Video.

So after suggesting that the young folk should check out George Carlin, I figured I'd suggest some recommended viewing to get you started. Some people could find this offensive, and as a rule the sort of person who gets offended by this is the sort of person who I'm happy to offend.


As A Rule I Don't Approve Of Autotune... Funny. Old-school. Video.

As one youtube commenter said "I really hope this video encourages the younger generation to check out Carlin. The man is a funny fucker.