Welcome to Wrongtown

Jeff Goldblum Could Sell Me Anything

Yes it's an advertisement, but damn it tickles me in all the right ways. Jeff, Tim & Eric should combine forces more often.

Ballad Of A Wifi Hero Spoken by H. Jon Benjamin

Surely this experience is one that is common to people of all creeds, binding humanity together. There's a Bob's Burgers cameo appearance early on too, which is nice.

Neunundneunzig Luftballons Auf Ballons

"99 Red Balloons" as performed on actual red balloons. Well played.

This Is Your Squid On Cypress Hill

I don't need to understand how they arrived at the decision, I'm just glad that they decided to do this.

Moves Without The Music

Just when you think the Dancing In The Street music video was weird enough to watch, someone goes ahead and improves it.

Thanks Internet. Thinternet.