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Thankyou To Classic Sounds

We just wanted to give a long-overdue thanks to the people over at Classic Sounds in Kelmscott.

When preparing for the Amp It Up gig we ran through our setlist and found that as we came to the end of one of our songs Troys bass amp died. This made him very sad.

Doubting that we'd have enough time to take it back to the place he originally got it from (unfortunately not Classic Sounds) we contacted our closest music shop which we had bought from before just in case they could help.

We were really stoked to hear that they sympathised with our plight and provided us with an amp for the gig, even though it wasn't their problem which made Troy stop sobbing over his dead amp long enough to get it done.

As it turns out we're glad we didn't try to race off to Other Popular Perth Music Store, as when we did take the amp in to them to organise a warranty claim they flat-out refused to offer any sort of loan amp while ours was being repaired.

So thanks again Classic Sounds, you rock.